Help Promote Alpaca 2016

Here are a few ideas how you can help promote the Alpaca 2016.

  1. Download the Alpaca 2016 logo.
  2. Place the logo on your website with a link to this website
  3. If you are a Sponsor place a short comment that you are proud to be a sponsor of Alpaca 2016.
  4. If you plan on being at Alpaca 2016 place a comment that you are proud to support Alpaca 2016.
  5. Place the logo and link on your Facebook page.
  6. Visit the Alpaca 2016 event on facebook and "Join" 
  7. Invite all your facebook friends to the event.
  8. Tell everyone about Alpaca 2016 and what a fantastic event it is going to be.
  9. Place the Alpaca 2016 logo and website link on your e-mail signature.  Click here for help...