Trade Stand Terms and Conditions

  • APPLICATION: Exhibitors must complete either the online or printed version of the Trade Stand booking form and forward it to the AANZ office together with the appropriate payment. Every Trade Stand exhibitor shall be deemed to have read and understood these terms and conditions.
  • EXHIBITORS RESPONSIBILITIES: The AANZ will not be responsible in any way for any article, item, plant, machinery or object of any kind exhibited on the Showground. The Exhibitor shall assume full responsibility therefore, including liability for all claims arising out of the event, handling, housing or storing of such exhibits and the conduct of the Stand generally. The Exhibitor shall indemnify the AANZ against all claims, damages, or expenses whatsoever in any way arising out of the presence of the Exhibitor or his exhibits or products on the Showground. Acceptance of the foregoing provisions shall be a Condition of Entry. It is advised that Exhibitors take out COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE FOR PUBLIC LIABILITY & ALL OTHER RISKS, INCLUDING FIRE & LOSS OF BUSINESS not only as regards their own property, BUT ALSO AGAINST ANY THIRD PARTY CLAIMS. Any exhibitor employing people MUST have EMPLOYERS LIABILITY INSURANCE to satisfy health and safety requirements.
  • ALLOCATION OF SPACE: The allocation of sites, including the positioning of trade stands, will be entirely at the discretion of the AANZ, although every endeavour will be made to meet any request by an Exhibitor regarding the position of their site or stand. The AANZ does not offer exclusivity for any product or service; accordingly the AANZ does not undertake to limit the number of stands selling similar or identical products or services. Furthermore, the AANZ does not guarantee a minimum separation between stands selling similar products or services. Each exhibitor shall be strictly confined to the space allotted and paid for. Any exhibitor moving from the space allotted without the prior agreement of the AANZ will be requested to leave the Showground and will forfeit all fees paid. In order to conform to the Showground Plan, the Organising Committee reserves the right to adjust the frontage and depth of any stand applications while retaining the same area in square metres.
  • CANCELLATION OF SPACE: All persons who have booked trade stands and subsequently cancel the booking or fail to exhibit will incur a $400.00 charge.  
  • SITE PREPARATION & COMPLETION: Traders may begin preparing their stall no earlier than 1:00pm on Friday 11 October 2019.  The setting up of all stands must be completed by 8:00am at the latest on the Saturday 12 October 2019. 
  • DISMANTLING OF STANDS: Removal of stands may not commence until completion of show.  Show completion will be Sunday the 13 October 2019 at approx 5pm and all exhibitor materials are to be removed within 4 hours thereafter. ALL EXHIBITORS MUST LEAVE THEIR SITES CLEAN AND TIDY.
  • LITTER: Exhibitors are required to have their Stands and the portions of the adjacent avenues and pathways immediately adjoining their Stands cleaned up at the end of the event
  • LIVE ANIMALS: Live alpaca and/or any other animal exhibits are restricted to the animal penning areas and are not allowed in any trade stand areas.
  • DISPLAY SITES: No retails sales are permitted from display sites.
  • COMPLIANCE: All trade stand exhibitors must be compliant with all current legislation and regulation relating to their business and the exhibiting of their business.

A) All stands using bottled gas are required to have the installation checked by a qualified fitter to ensure that the apparatus is safely installed. Exhibitors must comply with the Health and Safety Executive Guidance Note CS8 (Small scale storage & display of LPG at retail premises). The AANZ reserves the right of inspection by one of it officials or a representative of the Civilian Fire Service of all stands and occupied areas, to ensure maximum safety against fire. Any decision made by the AANZ on the matters must be accepted as final. The AANZ officials shall have the full authority to order the use of any appliances or equipment to be discontinued immediately if in their opinion this constitutes a danger.

B) Exhibitors will realize that these precautions are necessary in the interest both of themselves and the general public.

C) Exhibitors must INSURE AGAINST FIRE, not only as regards their own property, but against THIRD PARTY CLAIMS.

  • DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY: The Alpaca Association New Zealand Inc, its’ board, staff or volunteers shall not be responsible for any accident, damage, or loss however caused, that may occur to any exhibitor, or his servant, or to any article, animal, or property brought into the Showground, or while entering or leaving the Showground. Each Exhibitor shall be solely responsible for any loss, injury or damage that may be done or occasioned by, or arising from any machinery, or other article, or any animal, or property exhibited by him, and it is a condition of entry that each exhibitor shall indemnify and hold harmless the event, the AANZ its’ board or staff from and against all actions, suits, expenses and claims on account of such damage, injury or loss.
  • RIGHT OF REFUSAL OR REMOVAL: The AANZ through their Executive Directors shall have full and free right to refuse to accept any entry, or cancel any entry after being made and accepted, to refuse admission to the Showground of any proposed exhibit and/or to remove, or order to be removed, at the risk and expense of the owner thereof any exhibit which has been admitted to the Showground. There shall be no obligations upon the AANZ to make or offer any explanation or reason for such action and the AANZ shall not incur any liability or responsibility in this matter.
  • POSTPONEMENT OR ABANDONMENT: Exhibitors shall not have any claim against the AANZ or any member of the AANZ organising committee or board in respect of loss or damage whatsoever consequent upon the event or any part of it failing (for whatever reason) to be held or having to be abandoned.


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