Alpaca 2018 Photography Competition is back....


The competition we have all been waiting for is back! Our fabulous International Photo Competition! 
Entires OPEN 1st August 2018. All entries must be electronically submitted by clicking below.  Please include with your entry:
  • Class wishing to enter
  • Your photo caption
  • Your name
  • Your country
Entries have now closed... good luck to all!
This year prizes will be awarded to the top three most ‘liked’ photos in each class; cria, alpacas interacting, farm scene and humorous.
We will also be having an overall Judges Choice award, were one lucky winner will win a Canon Camera!
So dig out the camera, make a cup of tea and get out there snapping those pictures to enter in this fun competition!
Make sure you check out the official facebook page ‘Alpaca 2018 International Photo Competition’ for all of the latest entries and to be able to vote for your favourites!.

Terms and Conditions
AANZ shall be entitled without payment of any fee to the entrants, to use or display any image entered in this competition.

FAILURE TO OBSERVE RULES. The organising committee may at their discretion disqualify any image.

DISPUTES. Any dispute concerning the interpretation of these rules or the organization of the competition may be referred to the Organising committee whose decision shall be final and binding.

Classes :
•    CLASS P1: Cria
•    CLASS P2: Alpaca Interacting
•    CLASS P3: Farm Scene
•    CLASS P4: Humorous

Farm Scene Winner from 2016