Creative Alpaca 2018
'For the love of Alpaca'



Photo from the 2016 Creative Alpaca Display

A showcase of the properties of Alpaca and Creativity

Entries are invited for the Creative Alpaca 2018 Display as part of the National Alpaca Expo 2018 to be held in Christchurch 5-7 October 2018.

We are looking for creations that show us the versatility, the warmth, the colour, the softness, the strength of alpaca. The silkiness, the drape, the wow factor. Traditional or new concepts we want to see them all.

We are also looking for high standard of craftsmanship and quality of process.

Open entry criteria, anyone may enter. There is no process limit and no size limit. No judging, just a selection process in the interest of a fabulous display.

Use at least 70% of Alpaca fibre, bone, skin, yarn or a mixture, and create something wondrous for us to showcase at the National Alpaca Expo.

Attire (adult, child, baby), rugs, wall hangings, toys, sculptures, home wares, or anything else!

Surprise us and have some fun!!

We will have many sponsors awards to be chosen by the sponsor or by public vote.

The 3 main award are sponsored  by Ashford Handicrafts Ltd, Awatere Alpacas and Creative Fibre.

Ashford have donated a 30cm wide Drum Carder (public vote).

Awatere Alpacas have  donated a cash award of $250.

Creative Fibre have donated a Cash award of $250  for the entry which best shows the drape of Alpaca, to be selected by Creative Fibre.

All entries are eligible for all awards

Entries may be for sale and no commission is deducted.

If you would like to sponsor an award please contact Ineke

Download the entry form, terms & conditions & delivery note

Or download in PDF here: entry form, terms & conditions & delivery note