About Early Bird Prices

There are Early Bird prices, giving considerable savings, for both show entries and conference registrations. So if you are planning on attending Alpaca 2013 then it makes sense to get your registrations in soon.

Early Birds close 1st July

Early Bird Show Entries are new to NZ. All you need to do is submit how many alpaca you plan on bringing to the show. You can fill in individual alpaca details on the entry form later, meaning you have until 20th Aug (entry close) to finalise the alpaca in your show team.

For example

You have 5 junior white females that are looking promising, but you only want to enter 2 in the show, it is too early to make a decision on the best 2 so you don't want to write their names on the entry form yet. So you submit 2 Early Bird entries before the 1st July, then you have until the 20th August to decide which 2 you want to take to the show.

All you need to do now is complete the online version of the Early Bird Show Entry Form

Or download and fill in the PDF version of the  Early Bird Show Entry Form (pdf)